The All Weather Income Strategy is managed by Trust and Fiduciary Partners, LLC (TFIP), a subsidiary of Bramshill Investments. The strategy was incepted in 2001. It is a diversified portfolio of income-producing securities that is managed in an individual account format which seeks to maximize total return across various sectors via dividends and income. The strategy invests across liquid markets such as real estate investment trusts, master limited partnerships, building development corporations, preferred securities, royalty trusts and closed-end funds. The strategy has a flexible allocation mandate which seeks to produce a consistent income across all market cycles. The portfolio is actively managed, incorporating a proprietary distribution model which focuses on high conviction income-producing securities with compelling risk-reward characteristics. The strategy uses a top down approach for macro analysis combined with a bottoms up fundamental analysis for individual security selection. The strategy is unlevered, highly-liquid and not benchmark dependent.

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