Bramshill seeks to achieve superior risk adjusted returns through a process of fundamental and relative value analysis, combined with risk management. We manage our strategies opportunistically around our core investments and positioning. While the investment philosophy remains consistent, its execution is flexible allowing capital to quickly and efficiently shift among asset classes. We invest in markets in which we have a core competency and feel that we have a competitive advantage in order to avoid strategy deviation.

Our investment philosophy and our approach to each investment is comprised of three core principals. First, we ask ourselves the question “Are we being compensated for the risk?” In other words, is the risk reward in our favor to mitigate losses. Second, we adhere to our investment process regardless of the market environment. From start to finish our investments are governed by rigorous evaluation, various analysis and our investment thesis. Third, we have confidence in our process, but employ risk limits and stop losses as sometimes markets overshoot and there are unknown outcomes. Limiting drawdowns and permanent loss avoidance are critical parts of our investment management.